Thursday, March 5, 2009

Want to attract more attractive girls?

Of course you do! It really isn't that hard of a task top accomplish as well!

Reasons you may not be getting the results you want:


Bad dresser?

Bad hygiene?

What ever your problem is here are a few steps that might help fix it!

Take a shower! No girl wants to hook up with a guy that smells...
After that go to the local store and buy some body spray that a girl there will actually recommend..
BRUSH your teeth! You don't want your breath to smell. Now that you have the hard parts done lets move on. You want to make sure you get a friends (a GIRL) opinion on how you look(your outfit hair etc..). Once that has been done and you know your looking good practice talking to girls get comfortable with them! Whats the worst that could happen?(no touching)

Go out to a decent place and mingle. Once you can talk to a girl without a problem you will be ready to go out.

Ready for the night out??
Go to a decent hang out place and go up to girls and talk to them... then may